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Why should YOU give to The PROSPECTS Foundation?

The PROSPECTS Foundation is an environmental charity working with local communities in Hyndburn.

Our work focuses on six themes of sustainability - BIODIVERSITY - protecting and enhancing local wildlife and plant life; ENERGY - promoting energy conservation and the use of renewables; SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORT - encouraging walking, cycling and the greater use of public transport; WASTE & RECYCLING - reducing, reusing and recycling waste; LOCAL FOOD - encouraging local food growing; ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS - raising environmental awareness of local and global environmental issues.

What YOUR money will support

By working with a diverse range of groups in Hyndburn we aim to inspire young people; improve health and wellbeing; support communities; improve the environment; and encourage sustainable living. We can help local communities by providing practical assistance to develop environmental projects; Windfall grants to support community initiatives; a range of volunteer opportunities; a wide range of accredited training courses; and a website with up to date information on events and projects.

How to Give

You can donate in several ways.

  • Click on the link Localgiving where you can make a one-time donation or make a monthly donation.  Your donation will be made to Localgiving Foundation  and they will pay the funds to The PROSPECTS Foundation.  You will need to  create and account and login with the Localgiving Foundation.  You can donate with PayPal.  You can donate via Facebook.
  • Click on the link thebiggive to make a donation and gift aid your donation.

 Confirmation & Bank Statements

If you donate via Localgiving you will receive a thank you email with details of your donation - Donation ID, Date, Amount and Match Funding.  If you make your donation by debit or credit card, it will show on your bank statement as 'LOCALGIVING'.

More information about thebig give to follow.

Information Statement

The PROSPECTS Foundation will not rent or sell your information to other charities.

LOCALGIVING - In terms of donor details, they never sell this on. Donors can opt in or out of hearing from them or PROSPECTS, but that's it and you can unsubscribe from both if you decide you don't want to hear from PROSPECTS OR LOCALGIVING.

More information about thebig give to follow.