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Saturday 25 April 2015

The Men’s Shed movement has arrived in Hyndburn through The PROSPECTS Foundation.

 Barbara Sharples, Activity organiser explained, ”The Shed is where men come to take part in physical and mental activity to benefit themselves and the community, interact socially and have a laugh.  It is a positive health measure.

“There are many variations of Men’s Sheds to suit local circumstances.  The Australians had the original concept over 12 years ago and there are now Sheds world-wide. Of course, at PROSPECTS the shed will be based around our six environmental themes.

“It is difficult to get men involved in groups; women form the backbone of most community activities and initiatives. Many men enjoy using their own shed where they repair or tinker with machinery or build things on their own. However there are groups where men are the majority because of a shared interest.  They get ideas from each other and inspire each other. The Men’s Shed PROSPECTS will be a communal shed that can be a centre for many activities that appeal to men and the activities will be mutually agreed by the men.”

The group which has met four times has so far offered fret saw work as something practical to do but it is necessary to have a range of activities going on so that a man coming to the shed can find something that suits him, join in, leave having achieved something (this is important) and, in the process, made new friends.  People can bring along their own projects but it is also important to have communal projects so that anyone new can come along see the projects in progress and find something they can join in with - men like to accomplish something, use their skills and are happy to help others.

Barbara added, “We hope to provide a good community space with a friendly, warm welcome.  A place where men can relax, share tools, share skills, share enthusiasm and share projects, take up a hobby, meet informally to enjoy a brew and biscuits, put the world to rights and discuss topics of interest to men!  The men will run the Shed as volunteers but a member of staff will be on hand for health and safety and first aid cover.”

Anyone interested can pop into PROSPECTS at 54 Broadway, Accrington to get more information or complete an enquiry form.  The next session is at 10.00am on Saturday, 25th April and sessions will then be held every fortnight.  See What's On for more information and poster.

Friday 17 April 2015

We are now joining the world of geocaching.   Look out for our Geocaches across Hyndburn and some Family Geocache walks during school holidays.

Contact Roger or Barbara for more information

Tuesday 12 February 2013

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