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Please take a look below at some of the pledges given recently, if you would like to make a pledge please click here

John Taylor - I pledge to...put all cans in the right bin.

W Foster - I pledge local farmers.

J Shepherd - I pledge to...turn off all electical appliances when not in use.

M Hill - I pledge to...recycle rubbish.

M Rafferty - I pledge to...turn off all appliances at night.

A Foster - I pledge organic food.

W I Cooper - I pledge something environmentally friendly.

R M B - I pledge to...turn off the television at the main plug at night.

Fiaz Begum - I pledge to...recycle.

Neil Bailey - I pledge all my chocolate from fairtrade.

Myra Ainsworth - I pledge to...encourage Ribble Valley Council to engage in a recycling programme.

Shameem Hussain - I pledge to...leave the car at home at least one day a week.

E Leigh - I pledge to...use my compost bin.

Lynn Wilcock - I pledge more environmentally friendly.

G Barton - I pledge fairtrade products and turn lights off when not needed.

Sarah Turner - I pledge to...continue to use local organic box scheme.

Amanda Foster - I pledge my carrier bags.

Kerry Gormley - I pledge to...spread the word about green issues.

Sarah Barton - I pledge my carrier bags.

Julie Hotchkiss - I pledge to...switch the computer and monitor off at the wall.

Linda Forrest - I pledge to...recycle plastic waste.

Anne Finn - I pledge to...walk instead of jumping in my car.

Ruth Colling - I pledge to...switch off the T.V. and not leave it on standby.

Lisa Lloyd - I pledge to...switch off the water tap when brushing my teeth.

Ros Brown - I pledge to...use energy saving light bulbs.

R Kershaw - I pledge to...turn off lights when not in use.

G & V Rushton - I pledge to...walk instead of using the car.

Teressa Greene - I pledge more plastic bags.

Evelyn Alcock - I pledge to...recycle plastic.

Vicki Oliver - I pledge stop acrylic baths going to the landfill.

Mrs Vickers - I pledge to...recycle plastic waste.

Colin Cooper - I pledge to...reduce 'standby' by switching things off at the source.

F Dalds - I pledge water.

Miss R James - I pledge to...turn off my lights when not in use.

Paul Barton - I pledge water.

Yvonne - I pledge to...monitor my electical use.

Shelli Sagar - I pledge water at work.

Rean - I pledge to...take my own bags to the supermarket.

F Talbot - I pledge carrier bags.

C Morante - I pledge to...plant an outdoor garden at School.

Andrea Rothwell - I pledge carrier bags.

S Thomas - I pledge to...unplug all unused electrical equipment in our house.

Cheryl Parky - I pledge something to improve the environment.

John Broadley - I pledge to...use public transport and use less electricity.

W J Adam - I pledge electricity and carrier bags.

G H Baldam - I pledge very economical with fossil fuels.

J Cronshaw - I pledge to...recycle more waste.

Mrs S Greenwood - I pledge to...use energy saving light bulbs.

Mrs P Duggan - I pledge to...switch the television off every niht and use cloth bags for shopping.

Sheila McVan - I pledge greener.

Kay Poor - I pledge to...use cloth bags when shopping.

Matthews - I pledge as green as possible.

Raheem Iqbal - I pledge the environment by donating to all the charities in aid of 3rd world countries.

Y Bennett - I pledge to...use less fuel.

D Eccles - I pledge to...use lumin bulbs.

Sam Manser - I pledge carrier bags.

Kenneth Haworth - I pledge to...turn lights off in rooms when not in use.

A Cox - I pledge to...turn off lights more.

Ruksoar Iqbal - I pledge tor...recycle more bottles.

Mrs Roberts - I pledge carrier bags.

John Worden - I pledge enery and recycle more.

A Sleigh - I pledge to...not leave my computer/TV on standby.

Kath Haworth - I pledge to...use carbon neutral bio fuel and to use energy-saving light bulbs.

David Myles - I pledge to...make sure all my TV's are turmed off.

Brenda Ryan - I pledge to...always put my recycle boxes out every 2 weeks.

Michelle C - I plegde to...turn my TV off an not leave it on standby.

John Traffick - I pledge to...not leave my taps running.

Barbara Heyworth - I pledge to...look into converting my car to biodiesel.

Cathy Handziak - I pledge to...reuse my plastic bags.

Keith Faller - I pledge more water and turn off the lights when they are not needed.

Joe Dyment - I pledge to...reduce my use of plastic bags from the supermarket.

E Faller - I pledge to...not use more water than I need to.

T Abraham - I pledge to...use energy saving light bulbs and recycle whenever possible.

Barbara Lee - I pledge the cold water I run every morning before the hot water comes through.

David Lee - I pledge to...change the light bulbs in my home to energy efficient bulbs.

John Dalton - I pledge more environmentally friendly.

J Cronshall - I pledge to...put silver foil behind my radiators to conserve energy.

James Clark - I pledge to...recycle more household things.

Daniel Allen - I pledge to..recycle more and not leave the TV on standby.

Janet Flanagan - I pledge to...switch the computer off when not in use and turn the hot water off when shaving.

Lee Aaron - I pledge to...always dispose of my litter properly.

Lisa Hamer - I pledge to...recycle more household waste.

Nathan Webster - I pledge to...use rechargeable batteries in future.

Phil Henderson - I pledge to...only fill the kettle with the water I require in order to save money and energy.

Steve Wandless - I pledge to...recycle.

S Hartley - I pledge to...turn my TV off standby and switch more lights off.

Leah Corbridge - I pledge to...use energy efficient light bulbs and continue to recycle.

Sandra Wilson - I pledge my fruit and veg from the local market.

Deneze Raines - I pledge to...not to leave my TV on standby.

Janice Heap - I pledge to...put my recycling bin out on a regular basis.

Carla McLoughlin - I pledge to...use energy-saving light bulbs.

W Hargreaves - I pledge to...turn off the tap when cleaning my teeth.

Roger Jepson - I pledge to...replace all my light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs during 2007.

Anne Metcalfe - I pledge longer litter.

Christine Shaw - I pledge to...continue with my kitchen garden and recycle cans, glass and paper.