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Successful Applicants

So far, 90 Small and Large grants have been awarded over the course of twenty four funding rounds - see list below:

31 Mini projects have also received funding:

  • Clean & Green Recovery               
  • Growing Wild
  • Belthorn Village Committee
  • Inward House Gardening Group
  • Inward House Projects Group
  • Sandy Lane Gardening Group
  • St Mary's PTA
  • Incredible Edibles Accrington
  • Red Rose Recovery
  • St James Project
  • Churchfield House Ltd
  • Broadfield Friends Association
  • Rotary Club of Church & Oswaldtwistle
  • The Hyndburn Project
  • Mercer House 1842
  • Sandy Lane Gardening Group
  • Huncoat Community Forum
  • Belthorn Academy Primary School PTFA
  • Hyndburn Leisure
  • Incredible Edibles Accrington
  • Growing Wild
  • Church & Oswaldtwistle Rotary Club
  • Sandy Lane Gardening Group
  • Sandy Lane Gardening Group
  • Huncoat Community Forum
  • Incredible Edibles Accrington
  • Adventure Hyndburn
  • Lancashire Women
  • Friends of st Christopher's
  • All Saints with St James Mission PCC
  • Belthorn Academy Primary School PTFA

ROUND 24 (Dec 19 deadline)

Five groups were succesful in Round 24

  • Hydnburn Butterfly Project - to create butterfly-friendly glades and rides at Whinney Hill woodland and create more butterfly-friendly areas in Milnshaw Park
  • Adventure Hyndburn - to improve the woodland at The Park Child & Family Centre, purchase equipment and provide staff training for a Forest School For All programme
  • Lancashire Wildlife Trust - to develop a butterfly walk and carry out access improvements at Foxhill Bank Local Nature Reserve
  • The PROSPECTS Foundation - to run a schools and community conservation action programme across Hyndburn
  • Cycling Projects - to develop a Hyndburn Pedal Away programme offering low level accessible community cycle rides across the Borough

ROUND 23 (Sept 18 deadline)

Two grants were approved in Round 23

  • Great Harwood Rovers Football Club - to plant trees and install benches around the football ground at Heymoor Farm
  • The PROSPECTS Foundation - to run a project to reveive the PROSPECTS Panels in the townships around Hyndburn

ROUND 22 (Jul 18 deadline)

Four more grants were awarded in Round 22

  • Oswaldtwistle Social Club - to install a new energy efficient boiler in the club house
  • The PROSPECTS Foundation  - to further extend and expand the Rewilding project to enhance the biodiversity of food growing areas across the Borough
  • Carers Link Lancashire - to develop a garden area at the back of their new premises in Accrington
  • The PROSPECTS Foundation - towards Phase 2 of habitat and access improvements at Whinney Hill   

ROUND 21 (Mar 18 deadline)

There were three succesful groups in Round 21

  • Lancashire Wildlife Trust - to carry out pollinator surveys in Hyndburn, including solitary bees, bumblebees, hoverflies, sawflies and butterflies as part of the Lancashire Plan Bee project
  • Community Solutions North West - to repair the large polytunnel behind Elmfield Hall in Gatty Park
  • Friends of Rhyddings Park CIO - to install a wind turbine and pumping system to facilitate rainwater retrieval to irrigate the new kitchen garden in Rhyddings Park in Oswaldtwistle

ROUND 20 (Jan 18 deadline)

Three more groups successfully applied for funding in Round 20

  • Hyndburn Butterfly Project - to create a butterfly wildflower meadow in Milnshaw Park in Church
  • Piggy Park Community Garden Association - to improve wildlife habitats and environmental awareness at Piggy Park in Rishton
  • One Planet (Accrington) Ltd - to produce a building survey and valuation of the One Planet shop in Accrington with a view to purchasing the property

ROUND 19 (Sep 17 deadline)

Five groups were succesful in Round 19

  • Friends of St Christopher's - to support Eco-themed activities at St Christopher's High School
  • St Charles PTFA - to develop a nature garden in the field behind the school
  • Hyndburn Leisure - to install a voltage reduction scheme at Mercer Halll Leisure Centre in Great Harwood to deliver significant savings in energy use
  • The Dog Inn (Belthorn) Ltd - to replace the hot water and central heating system to provide energy savings in the newly restored village community pub 
  • The PROSPECTS Foundation - to support a programme of environmental awareness activities concentrating on the protection and enhancement of biodiversity and the promotion of cycling and walking

ROUND 18 (Jun 17 deadline)

There were no successful applicants in Round 18.

ROUND 17 (Mar 17 deadline)

There were 3 successful applications in Round 17

  • Highfield Community Action Group - to improve the food growing area at the back of The Base in Great Harwood
  • Mid Pennine Arts - towards the promotion and development of the new extended Greenway route for Hyndburn through Woodnook Vale
  • The PROSPECTS Foundation - to expand and extend the Rewilding project to enhance the biodiversity and wildlife of sites across the Borough

ROUND 16 (Dec 16 deadline)

Three groups secured funding for their projects in Round 16

  • Martholme Greenway - towards access and habitat improvements along the disused railway line between Mill Lane and Martholme Viaduct in Great Harwood
  • Ribble Rivers Trust - towards the creation of a fish bypass channel and 1.2 hectares of deciduous woodland at Oakenshaw Weir in Clayton-le-Moors
  • The Hyndburn Project - to develop a furniture upcycling project in Accrington

ROUND 15 (Sep 16 deadline)

Four groups were successful with their funding applications in Round 15
  • Trinity Community Church LEP - to carry out energy saving measures as part of the second phase of the refurbishment of Woodnook Community Centre
  • One Planet (Accrington) Ltd - to deliver environmental education sessions in at lease 15 schools in Hyndburn in the 2016/2017 academic year
  • Hyndburn Leisure - to reduce the depth of the swimming pool at Hyndburn Leisure Centre in order to save energy and running costs
  • The PROSPECTS Foundation - towards a project to provide habitat and access improvements on a former reclamation site at Whinney Hill 

ROUND 14 (June 16 deadline) 

Two groups successfully secured funding in Round 14
  • Aawaz - to deliver food growing, renewable energy and recycled craft activities
  • Huncoat Community Forum - to improve the surfacing of paths at Spout House Woodland
ROUND 13 (Mar 16 deadline)

Three groups secured funding for their projects in Round 13

  • Friends of White Ash School - to develop a vegetable garden in the school grounds
  • Lancashire Women's Centres - to deliver a training programme in grow, cook and eat activities at the Women's Centre in Accrington
  • Incredible Edibles Accrington - to install four raised beds at Gatty Park in Accrington

ROUND 12 (Dec 15 deadline)

Six groups were successful with their funding applications in Round 12

  • Piggy Park Community Garden Association - towards the development of a community growing project in Rishton
  • Lancashire Wildlife Trust - to carry out access improvements, provide volunteer training opportunities and extend a number of habitats at Foxhill Bank Nature Reserve
  • Newground CIC - towards restoring the derelict walled kitchen garden in Rhyddings Park
  • Belthorn Academy Primary School - to install a free-standing solar canopy to generate solar power for the school
  • The PROSPECTS Foundation - to run environmental taster sessions in the community and deliver AQA training courses covering a range of activities for people of all ages
  • Friends of Jackhouse Nature Reserve - towards the cost of improving the access from Tinker Brook Woodlands in Oswaldtwistle to Jackhouse Nature Reserve

ROUND 11 (Sep 15 deadline)

Two groups have secured funding for their projects in Round 11

  • Growing Wild - towards the further development of Forest School provision and site development works
  • The PCC of St Bartholomew and St John - to contribute towards the replacement of heating pipes and radiators in the Church

ROUND 10 (Jun 15 deadline)

Five more groups have successfully secured funding in Round 10

  • Mount Carmel R C High School Parent Teacher & Friends Association - towards the development of a garden of reflection at one end of the school playground
  • Woodnook Residents Community Association - towards a larger project to improve access and habitats within an existing area of woodland in the Woodnook area of Accrington
  • Burnley Road Bowling Club - to install new toilet facilities to reduce water usage
  • Friends of St Christopher's - to develop the next phase of the Eco Schools Growing Together project
  • The PROSPECTS Foundation - to develop the next phase of the Environmental Awareness project

ROUND 9 (Feb 15 deadline)

In Round nine, one group successfully received funding:

  • Sure Start Hyndburn - towards the development of a Forest School area at Rothwell Heights 

ROUND 8 (Dec 14 deadline)

The following four groups were successful in the eighth Round of funding:

  • Sandy Lane Gardening Group - towards the reskinning, refurbishment and replacement of internal fittings of a polytunnel in Gatty Park
  • Stroke Association - towards the cost of building a lean-to summer house on the group's Meadoway allotment site
  • One Planet (Accrington) Ltd - to support a Schools Liaison Officer to educate students and teachers how to shop more ethically and to work with the Hyndburn Fairtrade Group as part of the wider Lancashire County Fairtrade bid
  • The PROSPECTS Foundation - to further develop the nature conservation project including the work of the Green Team 

ROUND 7 (Sep 14 deadline)

Four more local groups have secured funding for their projects in Round seven: 
  • Acorn Steiner Group - to adapt a garden at Bowley Scout Camp for use to teach children about the environment.
  • Lancashire Wildlife Trust - biodiversity work at the Foxhill Bank Nature Reserve in Oswaldtwistle.
  • Duckling Club - create new Forest School on land near Fairfield Children's Centre.
  • Friends of Jackhouse Nature Reserve - footpath construction within the Jackhouse site in Oswaldtwistle. 

ROUND 6 (Jun 14 deadline)

Three more local groups have secured funding for their projects in Round six:

  • 1st Oswaldtwistle St Paul's Scout Group - to develop an allotment plot and raised beds to grow food and raise environmental awareness amongst the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts
  • St Anne's and St Joseph's Friends United - to develop the field adjacent to the school so that it can be used to enhance the environmental education the school can offer
  • Friends of St Christopher's - to appoint an officer to develop the Eco-Cluster group with all schools across Hyndburn and develop and share new ideas around food growing and environmental sustainability

ROUND 5 (Mar 14 deadline)

Five further groups/organisations were successful in round five:

  • The Churchfield House Trust - to improve the energy efficiency of Churchfield House in Great Harwood to help bring it into full use as a community venue
  • Newground CIC - a contribution towards the improvement of West End play area to incorporate tree, shrub and hedge planting into the overall scheme
  • The PROSPECTS Foundation - to deliver nature conservation projects throughout Hyndburn through the continuation of the Monday Conservation Group and the development of a Borough-wide Green Team
  • Baxenden Community Forum - to carry out footpath improvements works to a path through Hollins Wood
  • Church & Oswaldtwistle Cricket Club - to install a number of energy saving measures to improve the overall energy efficiency of the Club

ROUND 4 (Dec 13 deadline)

The fourth round of the Windfall Fund has now taken place and the following seven groups were successful:

  • Sandy Lane Gardening Group - to install a chicken coop woth a covered run for 4-5 chickens at Pendle View in Huncoat
  • Aawaz - to raise environmental awareness amongst South Asian women
  • Hyndburn District Explorer Scout Unit - to develop an allotment plot at Woodnook to enable young people to gain a skill or participate in volunteering activities as part of their Duke of Edinburgh award
  • Friends of St Paul's - to transform part of the playground into a garden area/outdoor classroom for use by all the children in the school
  • Community Solutions North West - to develop the Community RePaint scheme across Hyndburn
  • Friends of Huncoat School - to develop a food growing area including raised beds and a community orchard in the school grounds
  • GrOwING WILD - to develop an outdoor space for children and families to explore and learn about the natural environment
ROUND 3 (Sep 13 deadline)
 The following three groups were successful in the third round of funding:  
  • Hyndburn Homewise Society - to further develop the recycled disability aids scheme
  • Incredible Edible Accrington - to develop an Alice in Wonderland themed garden incorporating organic food growing and wildlife areas in Oakhill Park, Accrington
  • Great Harwood Allotments Society - to further develop the community allotment in Great Harwood 

 ROUND 2 (Jul 13 deadline)

 A second round of grants has been awarded and six organisations were successful in securing funding for their environmental projects. The organisations receiving funding are:  

 Belthorn Village Committee - to carry out improvement works to the village pond
  • Friends of Arden Hall and the Coppice - to purchase equipment and carry out ecological surveys of the Biological Heritage Site in Peel Park
  • Woodnook Residents Community Association - to further develop the Woodnook community garden to encourage food growing and raise environmental awareness
  • Great Harwood PROSPECTS Panel - to develop a series of walking and cycling routes around Great Harwood
  • The PROSPECTS Foundation - to develop the PROSPECTS Environment Centre, employ an Activity Organiser and develop a programme of environmental awareness raising activities for the people of Hyndburn
  • Lancashire Wildlife Trust - to improve the biodiversity of 2 prospective Local Nature Reserve sites with a programme of volunteer work

ROUND 1 (May 13 deadline)

The following seven groups/organisations were successful in the first round of funding:

  • Sandy Lane Gardening Group - to develop food growing areas at two learning disability sites
  • Broadfield Friends Association - to develop a horticulture area and sensory garden accessible to all pupils, including those in wheel chairs
  • Friends of Rishton Methodist School - to develop a food growing site to educate children about how to grow their own food and use it in cooking
  • Rotary Club of Church & Oswaldtwistle - to plant crocuses at the entrance to Church & Oswaldtwistle, including Rhyddings Park
  • Lancashire Wildlife Trust - to reinstate the banking on part of Tinker Brook to protect the adjacent nature reserve habitats
  • Hyndburn Used Furniture Store - to develop a cardboard shredding operation to produce fibre bedding for horses
  • One Planet - to promote the use of environmentally friendly/Fairtrade/local and organic products to voluntary sector organisations throughout Hyndburn.